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Yoga is the dance of the breath with the body. 


The need for harmony and balance rises in our hectic, itself more and more accelerating everyday life.

Yoga in all his different directions helps to slow down our life -  to calm down our mind - problems like stress, sleeplessness, back pains, nervousness, concentration weaknesses and mood variations will with the time dissapear.

Yoga is certainly the best way to inner beauty and health.

Without risk yoga quietens down the body and the mind - and teaches, in addition, a philosophy of calmness, attention and moderation.

People move along to admire the heights of the mountains and the immense waves of the sea, the wide stream of the rivers, the endless width of the ocean, the circulation of the stars, but they disregard themselves without being surprised. (Aurelius Augustinus) 

It is not a matter of changing you. It is a matter of loving you how you are and learning to listen and talk to your body and understand what is all about.