Talk about experience and questions round about Yoga and how to get started coming back from Yoga holidays

Coming home from Yoga-Holidays or from a Yoga Retreat or from Starclipper Yoga and you are shure this was a good experience and you want to go on a home. Now the questions is:  Howt do I get started at home?

Helpfull is finding a yogagroup near by and going there regularly. But very easily start at once, having the idea in your mind and the energy in your body. Go through your schedule and find 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Maybe early morning or evening. Start with very easy asanas. Like going from childspose to downward facing dog, stretching deeply. And then starting with some sun salutation. First forward bend - believe me - every morning there is a lot of stiffness, but you will melt. I am shure, doing this day by day one day you feel so comfortabel and well and you will not miss it anymore. 

So start right now and write about the experiences. All questions will be answered. NAMASTE christel

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