An intensive workshop on the weekend has the advantage that you automatically take more time for yourself. 
We have time to bring back  body and soul into harmony. An important practice of yoga is to purify the mind.
 We decelerate, we learn to focus on themselves.
In this retreat, you'll learn how to be responsibly about your health and how to do this with simple steps that can contribute to your complete health.
Pranayama (breathing exercises) and kriya (cleansing exercises)
Asanas (exercises) Power Yoga
Asanas (exercises) YinYoga
Yoga for lazy people (Thai Massage)

We are opening in February 2018 our Yoga Shala on the beautiful Island of Elba in Tuscany. Holding daily courses and retreats Yoga, Meditation and Reiki.

Please contact christel  either on 00491712239304

or per mail Infos as well